Rajcza Commune

Rajcza Commune

Name “Raczański sack” describes the south-west end of the Beskid Żywiecki.

This area is still not very popular with mass tourism, allowing you to enjoy in peace and quiet the nature of the Żywiec Landscape Park and the panorama of the mountains.

When the weather is favorable, from the highest peak, Velka Raca (1263 m n. p. m.) you can see the mountain ranges of Mala Fatra and the Tatra Mountains.

Interesting tourist scales of Raczański Sack are:

The red trail from Zwardoń PKP to Wielka Racza (entrance 4 at. 30 min, descent 4 at. 15 min). The route runs mostly along the Polish-Slovak border, the forested slopes of Skalanka, Magury, Little and Big Przyśpiew. The trail covers a height difference of approx 550 meters.

The black trail from Sól PKP to the Przegibek Pass (entrance 3 at. 45 min, descent 3 at. 15 min). It runs, inter alia, through the unforested peak of Prasewka Wielka, from which, in good weather, you can see Barania Góra. In the final section of the trail there is Bendoszka Wielka, one of the highest peaks of the Wielka Racha group (1144 m n. p. m.). From its grassy ridges you can admire the ranges of Mala Fatra and Barania Góra. At the top of the 2000 in the year the Jubilee Cross of the Żywiec Region was placed.

The red trail from Przegibek Pass to Wielka Racza (entrance 3 at, descent 3 at. 15 min). The road goes through border zones, including Kikuła, Abrams, Little deer. Near the Przegibek Pass, German fortifications from World War II have been preserved.

The red trail from Rycerki Dolna Railway Station to Wielka Rycerzowa (entrance 4 at. 30 min, descent 3 at. 30 min). Wielka Rycerzowa is partly forested, and the best views are from the Rycerzowa Hall below. The watershed between the basins of the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea runs through the summit.

Other attractive tourist routes in the Rajcza commune:

The yellow trail from Rajcza PKP to Hala Lipowska (entrance 5 at, descent 4 at). It leads through the picturesque Hala Redykalna, used in the past to graze sheep. In winter, a ski lift operates at Hala Lipowska. Nearby there is Hala Rysianka, considered to be the best observation hall in Beskid Żywiecki.

The red trail from Zwardoń PKP to Sól PKP (entrance 2 at. 30 min, descent 2 at). It leads through the unforested peak of Rachowiec Mountain, from which you can see Velka Raca and the panorama of Malá Fatra.