Istebna Zagroń

Istebna Zagroń

Zagroń Istebna Complex - a ski resort located in Istebna in the Silesian Beskids on the Olza River, on the northern slope of Zagroń (ok. 684 m n.p.m), unremarkable elevation of approx. 500 m to the west of Złoty Groń, there is also a smaller ski area on the northern slope.

There are:


– 4-passenger chairlift length 840 m, surpassing 147 m and bandwidth 2 400 people per hour (time of entry 7 minutes, number of sofas - 113),
– long plate lift 270 m, surpassing 40 m and bandwidth 650 people per hour (time of entry 3 minutes, number of plates - 43)
– long belt lift 110 m, surpassing 30 m and bandwidth 300 children per hour, entry time - 2 minutes.

Ski runs:

– 1 i 2 - blue slopes on the eastern side of the chairlift, approx. 900 m and with an average slope 16%. The routes are illuminated, broken and broken,

– 4 i 5 - routes with varying degrees of difficulty (red-blue) on the west side of the lift, approx. 900 m and an average slope 16%. The routes in the upper part are not illuminated. At the top of the slope, between routes 4 i 5 there is a snow park,

– 3 - green route for beginners along the platter lift.

There are skiers and snowboarders at the disposal of the resort:

  • a skiing and snowboarding school and sports equipment rentals
  • parking
  • gastronomic points: restaurant "Zagroń" at approx. 200 people (with the guesthouse), a shelter and a highlander's cottage.

There are also in the resort:

  • Health and Energy Center "Meridian" (spa)
  • "Olza" Water Park (with a winding slide, 2 jacuzzi, 2 geysers in the middle of the pool, rushing river, mantle waterfalls, saunami: dry and steam, salt-rock grotto, climbing wall, e.t.c.).

There are also in the vicinity of Istebna:

Złoty Groń Ski Resort in Istebna.
Kubalonka - plate lift, length 106 m, parking.
Chichot - 500 m east of the Złoty Groń, T-bar lift with a length 520 m and the level difference 115 m.