Węgierska Górka

Węgierska Górka

Węgierska Górka is a picturesque town situated on the slopes of Beskid Śląski and Beskid Żywiecki, on the Soła River. The history of Węgierska Górka dates back to the 15th century and is connected with the legend of Hungary, who, wanting to take possession of the Żywiec region, insidiously filled their legs with Hungarian soil, …

Days of Zwardoń

Days of Zwardoń




11.00 Holy Mass in a highlander setting in the Church of. Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Zwardoń for all participants of the 11th Oni Zwardonia. Musical setting …

Wisła tourist attractions

Wisła tourist attractions

Wiślańska choo-choo

Wiślanska Ciuchcia
Wisła ul. Liberation 106

We encourage everyone vacationing in the Beskids to visit the most charming corners of the town of Wisła from the windows of Ciuchcia Wiślańska. We have been organizing trips of this type for a year 2002. Once Wiślańska Ciuchcia is up …


CISIEC - a large village on the right bank of the Soła *, directly south of Węgierska Górka * (practically, the buildings of both villages connect in the area of ​​the Żabnica stream estuary *). It has a distinct character of a street lining spread over the area of. 4 km. The village was founded in the 16th century. …

Jasienica Orawska – JASENICA – Oravská Jasenica

Jasienica Orawska – JASENICA (words. Oravská Jasenica) - a village located in the area of ​​Podbeskidzka Wierchowina, on the western edge of the Orawsko-Nowotarska Basin at the mouth of the Weselanka (d. Jasenica) to Biała Orawa *. The center of the village with the church is at a height 620 meters. In year 1991 Jasenica …


KLIN - a village on the border of Beskidzka Wierchowina and Kotlina Orawska on the Klinianka stream. The center of the Wedge with the church is at a height 640 m. The lower part of the village is situated near the mouth of Klinianka to Półgórzanka, close to the shores of the Orawa Lake *. In year 1991 …